The Project Brunch is a brunch for lovers of excellent food and drinks. The Terrace on the Corniche is a stylish restaurant that screams luxury and on brunch days, it's bustling and brimming over with must-trys.

It's a brunch to which you should wear a dress, possibly even heels, one of the few of this standard left in Abu Dhabi.

Where to start ...?

Your first port of call is The Library, which holds welcome drinks, a beautiful dessert display and an enticing selection of cheese, allowing guests to filter in before the 1PM brunch start time and have a drink and a look at what's on offer before heading into the restaurant.

The focus of this brunch is quality over quantity, and the quality is unmatched: each dish is beautifully plated and only made in small batches, and the staff make sure to replenish often.


The brunch offers a generous selection of seafood dishes from cold lobster to prawns, sashimi, and row-upon-row of maki rolls, as well as warm plates of seafood paella, grilled calamari, and salt-crusted salmon.

Top tip: you can ask them to grill the lobster if you prefer it warm. We also highly recommend the lobster tempura - do not go past this!


The brunch equally caters to meat lovers. The smoker outside offers a wide selection of meat, with succulent brisket leading the charge, and the chefs constantly turn over freshly grilled cuts.

We love the fact that there are some dishes that stray from the ordinary: the rabbit stew is as unique as it is delicious, the duck with berries is a superb dish and the freshly baked chicken pie with sweet potato is a meat must-try. The star of the show is definitely the huge, juicy tomahawk steak, cooked to your liking and topped with foie gras served directly to the table. Simply incredible!


The desserts are, quite simply, works of art. Not only does each dessert look beautiful, they taste just as good: we'd go so far as to say they're decadent. The Oreo cheesecake is creamy and completely moreish, the sticky date pudding is the epitome of comfort food; warm and inviting and the lemon meringue tarts sported a fluffy meringue hat, with a tart-sweet lemon curd filling.


The Project Brunch isn't a family brunch per se, but there are some great options for either older children or people who prefer plainer fare: a fresh pasta section serving delicious fresh pasta made-to-order, fish and chips, a delicious roast chicken, and freshly baked naan to go with some outstanding Indian dishes.

The make-your-own chocolate tacos certainly appeals to us, kids or no kids! And we love being able to ice our own cupcakes too!


Vegetarians are also catered for with the huge variety of pasta dishes available as well as a delectable mushroom risotto and some amazing starters. We enjoy the vegetable ratatouille, the confit potato with cheese fondue and an excellent vegetable pad Thai. If Indian vegetarian dishes are your jam, these can be made for you on request!


Adding to the experience was the rum-tasting table. The knowledgable bar staff will run you through 5 rums from around the world, some aging as far back as 2004. Each rum is paired with a chocolate from the lounge to really complete the experience.

Although there's no cocktail menu per se, the drinks team are masters of the art: there's no cocktail they can't make. We tried everything from whisky sours to pina coladas, and of course finishing with the most excellent espresso martini, an excellent foil for our dessert selection. The house package includes a prosecco option and for a special occasion, the bubbles package with Perrier-Jouet is a winner!


The singer and saxophonist were skilled and produced some incredible, mostly popular tunes, reacting to the crowd and enjoying their work.

In true St Regis style, the near end of brunch was signaled with the signature Champagne sabering ritual, started more than 100 years ago. Watch as the sommelier skillfully slices the top of the Perrier-Jouet with a large, sharp knife - not a glass shard in sight! This is the epitome of luxury and an excellent way to finish, what is a brunch to remember.


The Project Brunch at The Terrace on the Corniche

Saturdays, 12.30PM – 4PM

Price: AED 275 soft | AED 400 house beverages | AED 650 Champagne

Booking: 02 694 4553

Rachael Partington