Catch At The St Regis is unequivocally Abu Dhabi's best seafood restaurant. What gets it there? Innovative dishes made with quality ingredients and executed to perfection, a relaxed and chic ambiance and outstanding staff who are passionate about their work and make guests feel genuinely welcome.

The menu is nothing short of impressive. While obviously seafood heavy, it has some outstanding dishes that are great for lovers of more turf than surf! There really is something for everyone, and we believe our meal at Catch At The St Regis to be one of the best we've had in Abu Dhabi. For a date night, a celebration or if you're just in need of some undeniably great food, Catch At The St Regis needs to go on your list.


Catch At The St Regis is one of Abu Dhabi's most beautiful restaurants. The interior is light and airy and your eye is drawn to the terrace and the large windows with views out to sea, but it's designed in such a way as to provide a surprise around every corner. We love the open pass where we can watch chefs prepare dishes, the bar where the mixologists concoct cocktails and mocktails that excel in both taste and appearance, and the lighting that enhances the mood.


The startlingly vibrant green of the yuzu-shisho makes the salmon carpaccio an exciting way to start (AED80). The freshness and quality of the salmon is exceptional, but the crunchy katsuobushi flake on top of each piece and the jalapeno drops makes this dish magical. As the lid is ceremoniously whipped off the ceramic crab, you're introduced to the jumbo crab salad inside - and what a dish! The smoothness of the crab, with the tartness of apple and the tomato dressing was a match made in heaven.


Sushi comes in so many forms that even in Japan, the only way to tell what you're getting is what Japanese characters are used! Enter: neo-sushi, great for the 'gram and more of an amalgam of culinary genres and something that Catch At The St Regis does extremely well.

The sushi and sashimi tower is incredible: it almost looks like its own influencer, with a large round glass ring light-esque circle drawing your eye. The salmon and hamachi sashimi (AED70) are fresh, fatty and superb to eat, especially dipped in fresh wasabi, ground for you tableside.

The maki rolls themselves are outstanding. We love the blowtorch dynamite roll with the super good orange tobiko sauce on top and the wagyu rolls are just an exercise in luxury eating - absolutely divine.


So often, we find that starters are more exciting than the main course. While we love the starters, the main dishes at Catch At The St Regis are truly impressive.

Octopus is one of the hardest things for chefs to get right, but Chef Remon has nailed it! This grilled Spanish octopus is tender and flavourful with a gorgeous piquillo purée, a wedge of braised baby gem lettuce and sweet potato pickle.

The miso-marinated black cod, tenderly soaked for 48 hours, exudes a delightful umami richness that melts in your mouth. Paired with vibrant broccolini with a sesame seed coating, crisp daikon, and a tangy miso yuzu sauce, this dish harmoniously balances flavours to excellent effect. It is an outstanding choice for main course!

If you'd like something decidedly fishier, the grilled Canadian lobster is a great choice, as are the Dibba Bay oysters and the crab mac n cheese (AED135).


We can't go past the most luxuriously big scallops, made all the more glorious with their accompanying pumpkin risotto, an almost luird yellow yuzu saffron sauce and topped by a very funky squid ink tuile. This dish is one we would reorder over and over. (AED180)


Catch At The St Regis caters really well for those who may not enjoy seafood. All the non-seafood lovers will rejoice over the cubes of braised short rib, crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth inside, truly a dish to remember.

There's a wide steak menu, starting at just AED285 and other excellent meat dishes including a chargrilled rack of lamb (AED200), a very good chicken option and slow-cooked wagyu cheek.


While there are so many things to love on the dessert menu, the most decadent of them all is the cleverly named Catchamisu, in short, tiramisu with coffee caviar (AED95). Served with a flourish, the mist of dry ice really does give the impression of caviar coming from somewhere very cold and delicious. It 's texturally beautiful with the almond crumble and mascarpone blending well with the beads of coffee caviar, adding an indulgent finish.


The well-stocked bar has some excellent high-end options and mixologists who are skilled at producing whatever you'd enjoy. Mocktails are also excellent both for their funky, innovative designs and taste profiles that are extraordinarily different. Start at the bar or finish at the bar, but do let the staff show off their talents! Look out for the crab!


Open: 12PM - 12AM

Booking: 02 694 4553, email:

Parking: Valet available

Rachael Partington