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Trying to find somewhere where you can dine out successfully with young children but still caters well to the rest of the family can be a parent's nightmare - especially now the weather is hot. We've found 6 places that have definite pros for parents of little children who want to dine out in Abu Dhabi this summer.



Le Noir is normally mentioned in the same breath as 'mimosa breakfast' and 'evenings outdoors' but what not many people know is that it's a hidden gem in terms of activities for children. There's enough in this little play area to keep under 8s happy for long enough for parents to enjoy their breakfast, lunch or sneaky shisha in peace. Sip on a glass of wine, or enjoy a shisha with your dinner and know that your little ones are both entertained and contained!

Best for children under 9

Time: 7AM - 11PM

Contact: 02 448 4859



Cooking classes for kids at the Saturday brunch at Jones the Grocer, Holiday Inn are really well-organised, fun and educational for kids of all ages! They learn to make pizza, pasta or a dessert depending on the week, get a little insight into ingredients and help to compile their masterpiece before taking them to the kitchen. Children can watch food go into the oven and check out the cool machines and gadgets in the kitchen.

Not only are there some excellent food options for adults, but plenty of kids food too. Our favourite brunch option is spaghetti and meatballs which the kids absolutely love. On normal days, there's a kids menu for breakfast with items like pancakes and French toast starting from AED39 and a lunch/dinner menu with good quality ingredients for burgers, mac n cheese and cod and chips starting at AED39.

*Jones the Grocer Holiday Inn does not serve alcohol

Best for children under 14

Time: Saturday 12.30PM - 4PM


Adults AED199 - 2 FOR 1 with Best Bites Plus

Children age 5 - 11 AED99

Optional cooking class AED50 suitable for kids up to age 11

Children under 5 eat for free

Cooking classes are also available on Fridays and Sundays for groups of 6 or more children - pre-booking essential.



The Cheesecake Factory is excellent for kids of all ages but it's got some real plusses for parents of younger children because these people GET kids!

It's fair to say that the food comes out faster that you'd get at McDonald's, meaning there's no scratchiness from little ones who've been carted around the mall and have had enough. As if that wasn't enough, the staff also brings bread very quickly, cue: happy, fed children.

To please the parents, the napkins are huge, helping out the parent who doesn't want their child wandering the mall with ketchup all over their tshirt.

And of course, the kids menu itself includes such fabulousness as corn dogs with fries or fruit, salmon or quesadillas or even the humble and delicious grilled cheese sandwich - the kids meals start at AED25, offering decent bang-for-your-buck.

And of course, there's the cheesecake! Win, win, win.

Good for children of all ages

Time: 10AM - 12AM/10AM - 11PM

Price: Kids meals from AED25

Contact: 02 492 6630/02 492 6822



Hunter & Barrel is one of the true success stories of Yas Bay, as much for its high-end-yet-reasonably-priced meat as its fabulous location, perfect for a girls night out. But is it a good place for family-friendly dining in Abu Dhabi? We think so!

First, the kids menu isn't huge but pleases a wide range of even semi-fussy children - and at just AED30, it's definitely well-priced, making it possible to have a family celebration without breaking the bank.

And possibly even more importantly, there's a bathroom in the restaurant, taking the pressure off parents who may be forced into doing a last minute run!

Children's menu best for children under 10, other menu items suitable for all ages

Time: 11AM - 1AM

Price: Children's meal AED30, mains AED105-260

Contact: 050 452 5958



Stouff Beirut burst onto the market earlier this year with its outstanding Lebanese food and fantastic ambiance. But what we really think is smart is the soft play area they built inside the restaurant, making it possible for parents to sit over shisha and some fiery grills while children play. The area is supervised, with padded mats, slides and places to climb.

The kids menu is small but perfectly formed with a couple of pasta options, pizza and burgers. All come in around AED35 and portion sizes are decent.

All of this adds up, not surprisingly, to Stouff Beirut being the favourite family dining choice for many Abu Dhabi parents.

Soft play area best for children under 9

Time: 12PM - 12.30PM

Price: Children's menu items around AED35

Contact: 056 688 4042



It's a well-known fact that parents of younger children say a silent prayer of thanks when kids menus come with activities and pencils to get started on the action! Nolu's kids menus have amazing activity sheet menus to keep your under 8 distracted until the food arrives - which to be fair, isn't that long! One of the things parents love about Nolu's, is that the food comes speedily and the staff are very much aware of how quickly things can go pear-shaped if young children aren't fed quickly.

The children's menu is on point with French toast shaped like Mickey Mouse (a stone-cold kids winner!), eggs and soldiers, small pancakes, pasta and the best kids burgers around. There are packages to be had, coming in at around AED30.

Nolu's is a great option for everyone in the family to find something they love.

Best for children from age 3

Time: 9AM - 11PM

Price: Children's menu items around AED30

Contact: 02 557 9500


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Rachael Partington