How do you like your wings? So hot you feel like a volcano has erupted in your mouth? With an abundance of sauce? Crispy? Grilled? Abu Dhabi has chicken wings for everyone! We've found some good options and great deals for you to try here.



Sopranos wings are a BB crowd favourite. Stop by or get delivered a bucket of either buffalo, BBQ, the decently spicy hot honey and the brand new chili-infused honey and prepare to get messy ... and happy! The wings have plenty of sauce, amazing. You can order extra sauces to have on the side and even ask for them to be hard-core well-done - you're sure to find a Sopranos wing thing to suit you! They certainly suit us!

Time: 11AM - late

Price: AED42 for 8

Contact:, What's App 050 474 9929

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Not only is there a great all-you-can eat deal on wings at Famous Dave's but they're pretty amazing too! They come in four different flavours; buffalo Cajun, honey chili, garlic parmesan and Dave’s revenge, and come with a dressed green salad and a dipping pot of ranch. We love the sweet, stickiness of the honey-chili flavour which has a definite chili kick, but topping our list is the the semi-dry garlic parmesan: cheesy, garlicy, deliciousness! If you

Time: Wednesday & Thursday 11am – 5pm

Price: Unlimited wings + rice/fries + lemonade/sweet tea AED59

Contact: 02 658 7863

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We're big Gino's fans and it's now become impossible to order panuozzos without including a bucket of their superb chicken wings. The Gino's wings are big. They are meaty. They are saucy. They are juicy ... all the good things a wing should be! It's not easy to get delivery wings right but Gino's understands the assignment. Choose between buffalo and smoky BBQ: the buffalo sauce isn't too spicy, more medium than hot and perfect dipped in the blue cheese sauce. The barbeque sauce is thick and smoky and coated the wings well. These are winner wings for sure - your next order?!

Time: 11AM - 11PM

Price: AED32 for 8




For a change of pace, the wings kushiyaki (on a skewer) at Otoro are completely magical. If you like your wings doused in sauce, these aren't the wings for you but if you love a delicately grilled, slightly charred, juicy wing, with the chicken flavour shining through, these are absolutely your jam. If you haven't yet tried Otoro, this is a great reason to get yourself there!

Time: 12PM - 11PM

Price: AED48 for 2

Phone: 02 886 9995



This new-ish fun spot is hitting all the right notes for music, vibes and food, not least the chicken wings which have been described as the best chicken wings in Abu Dhabi (you'll have to make your own mind up on this big call!)

Wings at Atlon are a good size, well-breaded, suitably sauced and come in five flavours. The sweet and spicy honey chili BBQ is coming out on top, swiftly followed but the kicky spicy buffalo. Our stand-out favourites were the unique dry lemon pepper wings and we love that you can order a mixed basket so everyone gets to try everything!

If you're looking for the best wings deal in Abu Dhabi, head to Blingo (music bingo) every Wednesday and get unlimited wings and 3 drinks for AED99 - a stone-cold steal!

Time: Fridays from 4PM, weekends from 3PM, weekdays from 7PM, closed Mondays

Price: AED99 unlimited on Wednesdays, AED49 for 6

Contact: 055 780 0086



Lock Stock & Barrel has smashed its way into the Abu Dhabi bar market - and for good reason. While they have amazing deals and a fierce vibe, the food is also just how bar food should be ... enter: the chicken wings! These are saucy and crispy where they need to be and come with a flavourful dip to fit. Our favourites are the habanero with the lime ranch dip - total winner!

These wings should definitely go on your must-have-now list.

Time: 4PM - 2AM

Price: AED60 for 6, AED100 for 18

Contact: 02 235 8659



Whether you like them classic or boneless, there's bound to be a Wingstop flavour to suit you. Choose 2 flavours and one dip and you're away. What will be your wing of choice? If you like them uber hotttt you can choose atomic, habanero or Cajun, if you just like them normal hot, original or Louisiana hot might be your jam and if you just like a wing that doesn't send your mouth to Mexico, choose hickory smoked BBQ, lemon pepper or our personal fave, garlic parmesan! Get them alone or in a combo, whichever, this may become your fave wing ding!

Time: 11AM - 1AM

Price: AED44 for 8

Contact: 050 785 3637



The Sportsman's Arms has entered the unlimited wings arena with a bang, with their unlimited wings deals four nights a week. Get your teeth into buffalo, drenched in a great buffalo sauce, honey glazed (shiny and beautiful), BBQ, smoky and delicious and crispy for wing lovers who don't love a mess. Devour as many of these wings as you can, as well as one drink for just AED99. It's a great deal and a great snack or, depending on how many you can eat, full meal! It's a win for the Sportsman's!

Time: Monday-Thursday 5PM - 10PM

Price: AED99 for unlimited wings and a drink

Contact: 02 447 1066 or What's App 054 349 5352

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Wings are new to the menu at Vicci's, well, at least all the fab flavours are! We loved these wings: they were extra meaty, making you feel like you'd really had a great meal. Although you can access these fab wings - our favourite was the sweet chili - you absolutely must get down there on a Tuesday because Tuesdays mean great deals on wings at Vicci's! Either eat as many wings and fries as you can for just AED88 or add unlimited house beverages for AED155. It's a bargain!

25% off at Vicci's with BB+ - not including this promotion but you can chow down on wings any day for less!

Time: Tuesdays 4PM - 10PM

Price: Unlimited wings and fries: AED88, Unlimited wings, fries, house wine/beer AED155

Contact: 02 565 9191

Rachael Partington