We know that the food has hit the spot when we can't stop thinking about it: we think about it the next day, and into the next week, and start thinking about who we need to share the love with and who we need to take with us as we plot and scheme to go back.

Saturday brunch at Pachamama is one of these kinds of situations and we're kicking ourselves we didn't go sooner ... but it's only here for a few more months so put it into your plans!

The Pachamama Saturday brunch is one to put on your list if you a) love great food, b) love all things Peruvian and c) love a vibe. Even in quieter periods, the amazingly upbeat staff who groove and shake their way around the restaurant loving every minute of it, great DJ and super chefs make for a great brunch experience.


Settle into your funky cushioned chairs (we love the balloon-back wicker jobs, perfect for a between-course nap!), feel the DJ vibes warming you up, order drinks and let the anticipation overtake you.

I'm going to start this with a warning: the guacamole and chips are so moreish, you may fall into a very early trap of over-indulgence. Please, moderate yourself, or you'll hit the end of the starter course and be left wondering how you'll fit in mains!

The heirloom tomatoes comes haphazardly stacked up like an off-key game of Tetris, hiding little hidden gems in the form of diced watermelon and small buffalo mozzarella balls. The watermelon dressing with a touch of pesto serves to give it a sweet note, making for an excellent dish that even seasoned tomato haters will enjoy.

Whatever we think we're getting when we read tuna toast on the menu, it doesn't nearly match up to the goodness that arrives! A heavy bowl is deposited onto the table, with triangles of tortilla heavy with tomatoes, olives and an aji marillo drizzle and an olive balsamic, topped with curls of cheesy goodness. Don't think too much about liking or not liking the ingredients, just pop it in and wait for the flavour burst. It's sublime!


This may be the course you enjoy the most, since there was not one single dish we didn't ooh and ahh over.

The mound of passionfruity melcocha prawns with a dash of oyster sauce and crunchy red cabbage, and are very hard to stop eating. What a dish!

The cachapas come highly recommended by our very gorgeous server Zhaimy for a very good reason. While they may look a bit thrown together, the combination of the sweetcorn pancakes, sandwiched with oozy halloumi and a sour cream top is a marriage made in heaven. I think you could probably eat nothing else for the whole brunch and be perfectly happy!

The croquetas are a huge crowd-pleaser too. Stuffed full to plumpness with shredded chicken and an excellent aji amarillo sauce to mop them up, these may be the dish you love the most.


One of the best meat dishes in Abu Dhabi, the picanha steak is excellently prepared, properly seasoned and comes with finely sliced potatoes that bring the dish to a new level. The quality of the meat is clear to see: it melts in your mouth, making every bite a pleasure.

The cauliflower main is a dish that could easily turn you ... into a vegetarian! It has a slight kick from the chimichurri which only adds to its charm, and the sweet anticuchera sauce, made with a chili sauce, a little cumin, oregano, and vinegar is an absolute winner.

Seafood lovers won't be disappointed with the cau cau de mariscos, a huge bowl of superb seafood stew with fish, calamari, prawns and potato - a real heart warmer and a very moreish option.


Dessert suits those who don't love too much of a sweet hit: the generous slab of vanilla cheesecake is smooth and creamy but lacks punch, while the traditional Peruvian cinnamon cake is topped with a swirl of chocolate ganache - we all agree another dollop of this would go a long way towards making our hearts (and palates) feel complete!

This brunch has done nothing more than make us want to book for ladies night and dinner - we tried only a small portion of what the menu has to offer and we're excited for our next visit.


The drinks menu is fairly large: we enjoyed all the mocktails from the caiparinha to the Peruvian sangria, the Corona beer and the prosecco, Chilean reds and whites and French rose. The usual spirits are on offer - it's very hard to find anything not completely drinkable!

Time: Saturday 1PM - 4PM

Price: Soft AED290 | House AED450

20% off with BB+

Booking: 02 811 5666

Sidenote: everything can be ordered again, but best to wait till you've done your mains and then see how you feel - unless you've an appetite like The Hulk!


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Rachael Partington