Warm, home-made croissants and bomba, eggs for days ... what's not to love? Antonia Trattoria breakfast has to be the best way to start the day.

I don't think there's anything in the world I enjoy quite as much as Italian breakfast: I'm a sucker for freshly baked, still warm pastries and great coffee that just start the day right. But that situation is usually reserved for holidays ... until now! Antonia Trattoria has started doing weekend breakfast and I'm so here for it!

It was the large, round, pretty bomba, sitting like queens in the cabinet, that first caught our eye. These sugar crusted, pastry cream filled doughnuts tasted as majestic as they looked and from first bite, the lightness of the dough with the soft, smooth crema had me hooked.

We followed the bomba with a selection of cornetti - light, flaky croissants stuffed full of pistachio, crema, jam or Nutella (AED25). These were indescribably good, oozing with filling and on my next visit, I doubt I'll be able to stop at one. We also loved the ciambella (sham-bella) - aka a doughnut with a hole! This was light and fluffy and crusted with sugar and altogether very moreish (AED25).

If pastries aren't your jam, the egg dishes didn't disappoint: the fiery red padella held 2 eggs, bacon, tomatoes sliced with breadcrumbs, the most divine little sausages and best of all, superb, well-seasoned little potatoes (AED65).

We also loved the eggs al tegamino, which we might quietly say is Antonia's answer to shakshuka. This dish made for sharing sees poached eggs in a gorgeous, herby Italian sauce, served hot and bubbling from the oven and ready to be scooped up by the accompanying focaccia. (AED45) - amazing value and very filling! Finally, the scrambled eggs were excellent. They came on a properly toasted, crusty bread on a layer of ricotta and generously topped with crispy pancetta. (AED42) All these egg dishes were correctly seasoned, and while we expect nothing less from Chef Simone, I never take seasoning for granted!

We can't speak about breakfast without mentioning coffee and Antonia takes theirs very seriously, Get a large, steaming pot of Moka delivered to your table (AED35), or order a creamy hot capuccino or latte, made with outstanding Lavazza coffee. It's always hot and always good. There are also excellent fresh juices available.

As I write this, I'm looking at the time and wondering if I could possibly persuade the fam to go again today. I think they might agree: staring down the barrel of another busy week, this is the perfect way to jump off for a second, close your eyes and think of Italy.

Available: weekends from 9AM

Parking: out the front, or round the corner in the carpark.

Rachael Partington