I often feel that Abu Dhabi doesn’t do nearly enough with its beaches, in terms of dining, but Beach House is one of the places that totally gets it right. There's a lovely terrace, perfect for cooler days and evenings, but for right now, the views from all the windows give beautiful blue sea and a sense of holiday.


The menu is Italian and, fittingly, seafood strong. Start in style, with the luxurious gran crudo platter (AED485): devour the astonishingly good tuna meat, the fresh Dibba Bay oysters (what did we do before Dibba became a thing?) and 3 different varieties of prawn, all absolutely succulent and natural. Undoubtedly, this is decadent food, made for an occasion.

The tris de tartare (AED135), a 'boat' with 3 shells filled with different iterations of raw fish: finely cubed salmon with tiny pieces of avocado, tuna with capers which added a delicious saltiness, and hamachi with a creamy mayonnaise. This dish is a menu highlight - the contents of every small shell was so fresh and the flavour combinations so well-balanced, it's outstanding dining and a great dish if you're not looking to fill up.

If you’re not a seafood fan, the apple and avocado salad (AED85), with walnuts and finished with gorgeous raspberry droplets is tasty, refreshing and surprisingly filling, and if you’re a light eater, would be enough for lunch or a 'being good' dinner.

The crumbed feta (AED85) on a bed of cubed watermelon was outstanding too - the differences in textures, the saltiness of the feta with the burst of watermelon … absolutely a match made in heaven.

We enjoyed the cacio e pepe ravioli with a hint of truffle (AED165) for main but it was the linguine with half a lobster (AED280) that I would come back for. The lobster in the shell beside the linguine was impressive, the tomato based richness offset by the freshness of Amalfi lemon. It was a large serving and was absolutely delicious.

Order the catch of the day and have it cooked either grilled, baked with Mediterranean flavours or with a salt crust. We chose the latter and once done, the salt crust was ceremoniously hammered off tableside, then deboned and served. Perfection!

Beach House isn’t just a savoury food one-trick pony: dessert is excellent. The tiramisu (AED85) comes in a ‘caviar’ tin, where the caviar is made of coffee. It's perched on ice atop a huge silver meta octopus which is a statement in itself! The tiramisu is perfect if you’re a coffee lover and prefer a dessert that’s not too sweet. 

The Amalfi deliziosa lemon cream dome (AED80) was an incredibly light vanilla sponge, layered with lemon cream which gives a piquancy that really does take you back to the lemon groves of Amalfi. This might be our favourite dessert.

If you're hedging your bets and want to share a dessert, the lemon and chocolate golosini (AED80) is the way to go. Everyone can enjoy a bite sized block or two of gelato cased in either lemon or dark chocolate - a heavenly way to finish the meal.

Beach House is great for an occasion or a catch-up if you really fancy living it up. Just for a few hours, jump off and head to Beach House for the most perfect of meals.

Open: from 12.30PM daily

Bookings: 02 407 1138

Rachael Partington