If you’re looking for something a bit different for your Ramadan celebrations this year, Capital Majlis could be the place.

Being an exhibition hall it’s pretty massive, but with some clever, soft lighting and low sofa style seating it makes it more homely. Also, if you were entertaining a larger group the private gazebo/majlis rooms look lovely.

The buffet selection is fabulous and is presented beautifully with towering food cones showing off the different sections including a rather marvellous charcuterie tower, and my personal favourite, a golden choux bun tower. Ranging from dried fruits and cheeses, a bakery selection, soups, to a stunning display of colourful salads, main courses and, Ramadan staple, lamb ouzi, four live stations, and a large desserts and sweets section, you will be spoilt for choice.

Highlights for us were the flavourful Moroccan harissa soup, the beetroot hummus (which was almost too pretty to dip into), the chicken tikka masala, and the delicious made-to-order fresh pasta.  Desserts were in a league of their own with a host of colourful macarons, Turkish delight, kunafa, and a gorgeously gooey date pudding. I’ll admit I had second helpings of that one. Traditional Ramadan juices were served throughout and a variety of fresh juices, virgin mojitos, and soft drinks.

Service was very enthusiastic, and the melodious live music from the oud and kaman players were the perfect accompaniment, without being too loud or in-your-face - and, impressively, they play seamlessly from memory!

This is a very traditional iftar, one you’d go to if you really wanted a full Ramadan experience, with great food and entertainment.

Lorenna White3/23/2023