La Patrona has a new dine-in location and it’s hands down one of the best casual interiors in Abu Dhabi! The bright décor, coupled with the funky Latin music is immediately uplifting – no lunchtime slump here! Everything is straight out of Mexico, from the quirky trinkets adorning this authentic taqueria, to the murals painted by a Mexican artist, and of course, the food.


You’d be lucky to get a park, but they’ve got you covered: with valet parking available (self-pay), just hop out of your car and into the restaurant, ready to get stuck into this fabulous Mexican experience.




A taste of Mexico 

As the welcoming staff wheeled over a brightly painted trolley laden with sauces, spices, and fresh tomatoes, we knew we were in for a treat. We watched our hostess expertly prepare our totopos chips & salsas (AED26) tableside. Made according to your taste, adding as much (or as little) heat as you like, and served with homemade tortilla chips, this was the perfect entrée, hinting at the flavours to come.

The bronzed mini chicken tinga empanadas (AED36) stuffed with tender chicken had a delicious smokiness, along with a slight kick that was cooled by the sour cream on the side.


Taco extravaganza

Then it was time for the tacos … and plenty of them! The La Patrona menu really has something for every taco lover, and with each portion including 3 tacos, a few dishes are plenty to share. Heat seekers should check out the gringa pastor (AED46), filled with chicken pastor, cheese, and a sweet & spicy mango habanero sauce, while steak lovers would enjoy the signature La Patrona (AED46), grilled rib-eye steak topped with warm melted cheese and onions, wrapped in a soft flour tortilla. If seafood is your thing, then the grilled garlic shrimp riviera (AED52), served with sliced avocado, pineapple pico de gallo, and jalapeños, delivered zesty mouthfuls that were bursting with flavour. 


The slow-cooked lamb barbacoa (AED46) was fall-apart soft and served with a rich broth that was perfect for dipping the corn tortilla. It’s a bit messy and a lot fun … and definitely a ton delicious!


The combination of tender steak and smooth avocado cream of the picanha taco (AED55) was served with a great chimichurri that had us dipping in over and over again.


There are also a few vegan options, including the vegan pastor (AED36) and vegan birria (AED36) – juicy sliced mushrooms in La Patrona’s traditional birria marinade.


With so many tempting options, the taco boxes (AED119 for 10) are a perfect option for sharing (we’ll leave it to you how many people you want to share it with but be warned – it might not be many!)

Sweet endings 

It would be a crime to leave this little corner of Mexico without sampling the dreamy arroz con leche (AED20). Made according to a traditional recipe, the perfectly plump grains of rice are coated in a not-too-sweet creamy reduction, resulting in a bowl of the best kind of comfort food - we could see ourselves coming back late night to smash through one of these! Of course, no Mexican meal would be complete without churros, served with chocolate or a condensed milk dip (AED20).


As for drinks? There is an extensive 0% menu, so you can wash down those tacos with a range of mocktails (think 0% mimosas & margaritas) and non-alcoholic beers. These look spectacular and taste equally as good.


Everything at La Patrona is handmade and it shows. Every bite showcases the flavours of Mexico and the rich heritage of the owners. If you were a La Patrona fan before, this new location will take you to the next level: it’s actually a completely delightful dining experience and one that we think will become a firm favourite. 

Sidenote: Grab a packet of house-made frozen tortillas to take home!

Location: Al Yasat Tower, Al Danah

Bookings: 052 837 0824

Opening hours: 11:00 - 12 midnight daily


Valet parking available.

Rachael Drinkwater