Whenever a post goes up on Best Bites Abu Dhabi about Chinese food, the interest skyrockets! While we're not sure there's one single place that ticks all our boxes but we're pretty confident you'll like these ones.




This is probably our top pick for Chinese in Abu Dhabi: not only is the food great but the BB+ discount makes it even more affordable. The restaurant isn't fancy but fit for purpose for sure.

What do we love there? The crispy duck is legendary amongst the Best Bites community and it's a bargain at it comes with plenty of meat and served on a cute duck with a little candle to keep it warm and a stack of homemade pancakes - delicious.

Portions are big as evidenced with the fried rice, the vegetable chow mein: these noodles definitely hit the spot as does the specialty guo bao chicken - sweet and sour, which has an excellent tang.

There are loads more dishes on offer and we think City Palace is a must-try Chinese restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Check out our reel here!

Open: 10AM - 11PM

Pricing: Feed 3 people for under AED110

Contact: 02




Dai Pai Dong, a higher end restaurant specialising in Cantonese food, has a lot to offer. Order a la carte, or from the unlimited dim sum menu, they do a couple of brunches over the weekend and a business lunch on weekdays. Whichever you choose, you'll be pretty happy with your choice.

We enjoy the hakka noodles and the best won-ton soup in Abu Dhabi. But you really can't go past the pork belly and all the noodle dishes are outstanding, showcasing excellent flavours as well as textures and good portion sizes.

Don't leave without trying a Hong Kong egg tart, washed down with suitably lovely jasmine tea!

Open: 12PM - 12PM

Pricing: 2FOR1 on Friday night hot-pot brunch

Contact: 02 882 6441, 056 395 9988



All Directions, serving Cantonese favourites, wins right off the bat: they make their dumplings fresh and they're good! Not to mention that at AED30, it's a steal! The hand-pulled noodles (AED16 a bowl) are also deliciously steamy, beefy and brothy, and the chef is behind the scenes slapping and pulling the noodles in the back. The star of the show, according to our Chinese food aficionados, is the guobaoruo, the OG sweet and sour chicken: it's fabulously crispy and citrusy at the same time and an excellent plate of goodness. And (it being all about the crisp!) the crispy duck at AED58 for a half is a steal!

Overall, All Directions is underrated and worth a try.

Side note: parking can be tricky, don't come hangry!

Side side note: if you try the 'Gross Blood Characteristics Mong' please review it for us on (this is a classic case of Google translate gone wrong!)

Open: 10AM - 11PM

Pricing: Crispy chicken AED36, dumplings AED25

Contact: 02 882 6441, 056 395 9988



Shang Palace, you had us at hello! The views from this high-end Chinese restaurant are outstanding, with vistas across the Maqta Creek to the Grand Mosque on the other side - truly a magical start.

The food doesn't disappoint, and we recommend you start with the gorgeous crispy spring rolls and the dim sum. Both the sieu mai and the chicken dumplings are delicious and moreish - good luck stopping at one steamer!

If you're feeling adventurous, try the shredded jellyfish which will surprise you (in a good way!)

Open: 10AM - 11PM

Pricing: Crispy chicken AED36, dumplings AED25

Contact: 02 882 6441, 056 395 9988



Still popular a year or so after opening, Dragon Bao Bao is the place to go for a good noodle fix. The braised beef hand-pulled noodle soup is comfort in a bowl - the hearty broth is slurp-worthy!

We love the steamed beef bao, cloudy pockets of meaty goodness and the tasty stir-fried pakchoi with chopped garlic and chili which added freshness to the meal.

The sweet and sour chicken is good, but on the sweeter side for sure.

Portions are HUGE so be sure to come hungry!

Open: 10AM - 11PM

Pricing: 4 dishes, 2 soft drinks AED110

Contact: 02 681 8088



We schlepped to Dubai for Din Tai Fung for years so were overjoyed when it finally made an appearance in Abu Dhabi! This Taiwanese food icon is a must-try and since it's conveniently located in The Galleria mall, it will become your go-to.

Din Tai Fung serves completely uncomplicated food: our favourites are the shrimp/chicken potstickers, the sweet & sour chicken, the chow mein and the fried rice. We also love the slightly spicy crispy beef, much drier than other versions and deliciously crunchy. The won ton soup could become a lunch staple and the dessert bao are absolutely drool-worthy. Be sure to order the xiao long bao!

Open: 10AM - 10PM

Pricing: Won ton soup AEd31, potstickers AED42 for 6, sweet and sour chicken AED38

Contact: 02 882 6441, 056 395 9988



Feilong is a mix of things you might find on the street in Hong Kong, or you might find at your local 'Chinese' in your home country - and that's a good mix!

The crispy honey chicken may just be the best in the universe! We could polish off a plate of this in one sitting and still be looking around for more - the little twists of crispy chicken, doused in a sticky honey sauce are dreamy.

We're pretty fussy about dim sum because either the taste isn't quite on point or the consistency of the wrapper is wrong, but these were good. We tried har gow (shrimp), well-priced at 5 pieces for AED35 and prawn sieu mai which were better than most in Abu Dhabi.

From the signature dish menu, it's the Peking duck with pancakes that comes out on top. The pancakes serving is plentiful and the duck well-cooked with a gorgeous crispy skin - it's our 'every time' dish at Botanic Atrium. The orange chicken is also excellent: decent pieces of chicken, with a distinctly orange flavour, great for sharing.

We like Feilong. Some of the dishes are superb, some are real comfort food and this alone is a reason to go.

Open: 10AM - 11PM

Pricing: Peking duck AED70, dumplings AED25, crispy honey chicken AED40

Contact: 02 882 6441, 056 395 9988



It's no small wonder Hakkasan was awarded the prestigious Michelin star earlier this year: it's a truly impressive restaurant that offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience. From the moody, chic decor to the outstanding service, the experience is faultless.

The menu blends traditional Chinese cuisine with a contemporary twist. Each dish is artfully crafted using high quality ingredients and beautifully presented, making it a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

We love the duck: the Peking Duck with pancakes can even be upscaled with caviar, the crispy duck salad is a must-try, with tender slices of duck breast paired with fresh greens and a tangy dressing and its counterpart, the duck salad we profess to be to-die-for. Also don't miss the salt and pepper beef which melts in your mouth - exquisite!

Staff are knowledgeable and confident enough to recommend dishes based on your personal preference.

Hakkasan is an exceptional restaurant that offers delicious food, a stylish ambiance, and outstanding service. It's perfect for date night, when you have a colleague in town or a special birthday.

Open: 10AM - 11PM

Pricing: Peking duck AED388 for half, dim sum from AED130 for 6, grilled seabass AED258

Contact: 02 690 7739

Rachael Partington