The Foundry | Southern Sun Abu Dhabi

The Foundry | Southern Sun Abu Dhabi


Cuisine: International, Asian, British, South African, Desserts, Steaks and Grills, Sushi, Drinks

Southern Sun Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Open: Closes at 10:30 PM




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119.00 AED

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Multi-award-winning steakhouse The Foundry is as intimate as it is celebratory, as romantic as it is ready for a business lunch. The finest cuts are sourced from renowned global suppliers from Argentina to Australia and share the menu with oysters and lobster, burrata and foie gras in a setting of burnished copper and velvet. The experience is completed with a show kitchen and chef stations, premium drinks.

Closed between the hours of 10:30am - 12pm and 3pm - 7pm.

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Social Events

Dining Deals

Steak & Grape Night. Enjoy two world class steaks plus sides and a bottle of wine. AED325 Booking is essential.

Dining Deals

Japanese night: Embark on a Japanese journey at The Foundry with authentic all-you-can-eat dishes, such as our signature sushi, dim sum, soups, tempura, cheesecake, and more. Soft AED189 | House AED289 2 for 1 on soft package with BB+

Dining Deals

Foundry Fisherman's Kitchen: A seafood extravaganza, featuring a special menu including the week's finest catches. With live entertainment. Soft AED259 | House AED359 | Premium AED405 | Champagne AED605 | Kids under 12 Free 25% discount with BB+

Brunch Listing

Summer Street Brunch: Take off on a flavour-packed flight through Japan, Italy, Korea, France, Jamaica, the UK, and more. Stroll down the streets of centuries-old culinary traditions and savour authentic dishes right from the source; no passport is needed. Top off your experience with signature drinks and the vibrant tunes of Anna Kosh for the perfect blend of dining and entertainment. Soft AED235 | House AED345 | Premium wine AED395 | Champagne AED595 | Free for kids under 12 years