Grand Beirut Restaurant | Al Qana

Grand Beirut Restaurant | Al Qana


Cuisine: Lebanese

Open: Closes at 12:00 AM

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119.00 AED

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Born out of the vision of bringing art and food together, Grand Beirut offers authentic Lebanese specialities with innovative twists in a space that will transport them to the heart of the levant. For those that appreciate a side of art with their dining experience, Grand Beirut is an Instagram-worthy, aesthetically attractive venue inspired by the lively culture and flora of the worlds charm exuding capital.

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Dining Deals

Don't miss this Lebanese breakfast with a view, which includes a platter featuring Lebanese favourites such as labneh makdous, chickpea fatteh, hummus and falafel. It's perfect for sharing! Served with 2 teas, coffees or juices. AED129 for two people or AED229 for four people