Butcher and Still | Four Seasons

Butcher and Still | Four Seasons

Butcher and Still | Four Seasons

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Cuisine: American

Global Market Street 2 - Jazeerat Al Maryah Sowwah Square - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Closed: Open at 4:00 PM



119.00 AED

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Butcher & Still is a modern interpretation of a 1920s prohibition-era Chicago steakhouse, serving prime-cut American meats, great sides and classic cocktails. Sleek contemporary design contrasts the retro décor elements, featuring rich dark woods and distressed leather banquettes. Eclectic details continue right into the bathrooms, where bullet casings accent the tile work, echoing the glory days of Chicago’s gangster era. 

Social Events

Dining Deals Listing

Lobster Night: Satisfy your crustacean craving with an a la carte lobster special. AED325 per piece

Dining Deals Listing

Prime Rib Tuesdays: choose from two cuts of prime rib, Chicago cut or Capone cut. Includes a fully loaded baked potato and sundae for dessert. AED180 Chicago cut | AED225 Capone cut

Brunch Listing

Meat People Brunch: a Stateside celebration crafted by chefs Marshall Roth and Pankaj Bisht featuring sizzling cuts and a roaring atmosphere. Soft AED250 | House AED375 | Kids 6-12 AED125