Already big fans of French darling LPM - their Sunday brunch is a must-try! - we have a new crush on their daily Cinq à Sept offering, and it’s the perfect post-work escape as that summer heat sets in!

Tucked away in The Galleria, as well as the cocktails you'll love the elevated feel and sparkly staff - they're a breath of fresh air. Perch on a red stool by the bar and enjoy a little escape for an hour or two - you'll be glad you did.


Named for the time French office workers could make themselves undetectable - back in the days before mobile phones and perpetual availability - when they could seize a couple of hours of leisure in the evening. Popping into a favourite bar, it was the perfect interlude to catch up with an old friend, toast to the end of the day with colleagues or enjoy a moment of serenity by themselves. If, like us, this just makes you want to pull up a stool in a chic Parisian bistro, let us save you the airfare - LPM is serving up Cinq à Sept to whisk you away for a couple of hours.


Delightfully out of the box, LPM knows good cocktails: understated but undeniably special, each ingredient has been carefully chosen. Kick off with the elegant Elle - a delicate combination of rosé wine, St-Germain, Grey Goose, champagne cordial and LE peach & jasmine soda, complete with a diamond-shaped ice cube - or try Le Rendez-Vous, a medley of St-Germain, parsley sorbet, prosecco. We’d demolish a bowl of the parsley sorbet alone given the chance: it’s light and fresh and exceptionally fun. 

Speaking of fun - La Sucette is another winner, a rosé wine lollipop accompanying the cocktail for you to swirl and sweeten as you like! Wine enthusiasts, you’re sorted too - provencal magnums are served by the glass (AED42) with red, white and rosé on the menu.


Les petites bouchées might translate to ‘small bites’, but small in flavour they definitely aren’t! Feed me the burrata and tomato toast (AED65) every day for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t be mad about it - it’s the dish you keep having ‘just one more bite’ of, then suddenly the plate is empty. Focaccia with tomatade and basil pesto (AED39) landed fragrant and steaming on the table: pull it apart while it’s still warm from the oven. We also rated the spiced beef skewers (AED52), served rare with a proper flavour hit.

It would be very easy to find your way to Cinq à Sept on a weekly basis, and we can't think of a single reason not to - and if you have a dinner reservation, it can easily turn into Cinq à Sept, Huit, Neuf ...



Availability: Monday - Friday | 5-7PM 

Price: AED48 selected cocktails | from AED25-68 les petites bouchées 

Bookings: 02 692 9600

Danika Star