There’s nothing more deliciously chilled than Mare Mare on a good day. It’s all crisp blues and whites, and views over the Gulf make you feel like you’re smack in the middle of the Amalfi Coast. Brunchissimo sees you settling into your seat, with a chilled bellini and preparing for an afternoon of Italian food to come.

Start fresh: the beef carpaccio was seriously good, as well as an absolutely fresh and beautiful burrata with arugula and a panzanella salad.

Hot starters came quickly and we particularly enjoyed tearing apart the the mushroom arancini, purely for the cheese pull!, and the rich tones of a very good parmigiana, with layers of eggplant sandwiched together with a rich tomato/basil sauce and a smattering of parmigiano Reggiano. The bowl of crispy calamari is completely moreish - we left this on the table for the whole meat, and kept dipping back in.

Chef Giuseppe makes an appearance to dish out some welcome slices of diavola and margherita pizza and then we’re onto mains. Looking a little like calamari, hence the name, the calamarata pasta is enriched with a seafood bisque and is full of seafood - this is a fantastic dish, so do leave room for it! The veal Milanese was equally as good, with the breaded veal pairing nicely with the salad. The seabass was also excellent and came with fresh, new potatoes and a good tomato sauce on the side.

We finished in style with a good tiramisu, panna cotta, a chocolate torta with a vanilla sauce to pour over and, not to be forgotten, the Sicilian favourite, some deliciously crispy cannoli. If you’re not a fan of the dried fruit that usually comes with the ricotta filling, never fear, these are flavoured with either pistachio or chocolate - definitely a good way to finish this Italian feast.

There are 3 alcohol packages available: one includes the spritz trolley which also dishes out Campari, lychee and Hugo spritzes - while the wine and spirits are part of the house package: wine is all Italian - the pinot grigio gets a shout - and the usual spirits are mixed well, while the beer is, naturally, Moretti.

Leaving the best to last, the singer/sax duo is absolutely excellent - they move around the room with grace, both fitting and creating the vibe.

If a relaxed afternoon with good food, drinks and views is what you’d like, giving holiday feels and a massive sense of relax, don’t go past Brunchissimo.

Saturdays 1-4PM

Pricing: Soft AED250 | House AED375 | House and Spritz AED385 | Premium AED500 | 50% off for Kids aged 6-11 20% off with BB+

20% off with BB+

Reservations: 02 811 4342

Rachael Partington