If you haven't discovered business lunches yet, you're missing out: this is the perfect opportunity to get alongside some outstanding, in this case, 5-star food at insanely good prices.

Points to note: business lunches are Monday-Friday affairs, and for the more popular places, you will need to book.



The business lunch at LPM tops our list for 4 reasons: first and most obviously, it's just a world of class, second, the food is incredible, third, it's probably the most outstanding value for money ever and four it's got a very cool name and yes, we're that shallow!

The thing at LPM is, the starters almost outshine the mains. Don't be thinking you're going to be sharing lettuce - no, you'll enjoy the best warm prawns, a delectable calamari, lentil salad, and a sublime pasta dish.

Our top tip: go off-piste and order the escargots. These are not included but are just so worth it ... if only for the breathing garlic all afternoon factor!

For main, choose from pasta, steak, duck or prawn - which do we prefer? No, we can't go down that road - we like them all!

If you choose the dessert option, we recommend the best cheesecake ever, but the chocolate fondant ''mousse'' is also lovely. There's also sorbet but we're perennially mistrustful of people who pay extra just to eat sorbet ;)

If you're feeling racy, add on a small carafe of wine for AED65 and if you're sticking to mocktails, you must try the limonade noir.

You must book because the place is buzzing. It's usually full with a business-y crowd, but also ladies-what-lunch, making it great for either.

Time: Weekdays 12-3PM

Pricing: Le Petit Menu: AED 135 per person for 1 starter and 1 main course

Le Grand Menu: AED 180 per person for 2 starters, 1 main course

AED 180 per person for 1 starter, 1 main course ,1 dessert

Booking: 02 692 9600



Business lunch at Niri is an absolute must-do. This is incredibly good food and while the deal is great, this menu will definitely entice you go off-piste and order more ... and come back tomorrow for the rest!

You can choose a starter and a main, and you get a scoop of the most delicious house-made ice-cream and a bowl of miso soup. What's not to love?!

We enjoyed both the very fresh ebi maki and the delightfully textured salmon maki to start as well as the sake ginger ponzu (thinly sliced salmon with a beautiful ginger ponzu sauce). Also don't go past the piquant veggie gyoza with a dash of chili soy.

For mains, you can pay AED20 extra and get a whole sea bass, grilled on a skewer and de-boned at your table, and a superb soya beef dish, but even without paying extra, the yaki udon is spicy and flavourful and the baby chicken a tasty winner too.

The ice-cream dessert is an excellent way to end - we love the hazelnut and the coffee miso!

Portions are generous and service outstanding. Winter or summer, Niri is one of Abu Dhabi's best dining experiences hands down. The bonus of sitting inside is the ability to watch the extremely talented chefs do their work which is, at times, awe-inspiring.

Our only warning is that you may not want to go back to work afterwards - Niri is a restaurant that makes you want to stay and stay some more.

Time: Weekdays 12PM - 3.30PM

Price: AED99

Booking: 02 546 8886



Business lunch the Italian way! Head to Sole, with pool and water views at Conrad Etihad Towers for an outstanding set menu. You could start out light with giardineria salad or made in sud calamari but we highly recommend the Naples staple, eggplant parmigiana with a saucy buffalo mozzarella - divine!

For mains, go low and slow with tagliatelle with a slow-cooked beef ragu (mouth watering yet?), pomodoro trinity spaghetti or Mama Sofia's paccheri with the most beautiful beef cheek ragu (this is our favourite!)

Not replete? Sole is one of the few business lunches where dessert is also included! Choose the incredible quick pick me up which is reminiscent of tiramisu or dreaming of Capri, a torte for the chocolate lover in you.

Included in the package is a bottle of water or an espresso (what Italian meal is complete without it?!)

Time: Weekdays 12PM - 3PM

Price: AED140

Booking: 02 811 5556



We're following strong with Punjab Grill, widely touted by the Best Bites community as one of the best business lunches in Abu Dhabi - particularly if you prefer to go somewhere at the bottom of the island.

The food is spectacular: start with a refreshing watermelon slider, where watermelon meets feta in the best way possible, then move onto the tikka starter: chicken, salmon and lamb plated superbly.

The main event sees butter chicken, coconut prawns, lamb biryani and dal makhni brought to your table with the Punjab Grill specialty, garlic and plain naan and a raita to smooth the tastes. With a ras malai for dessert, this is an incredibly good value-for-money meal and one which shows exactly why Punjab Grill is mentioned in the Michelin Guide for Abu Dhabi.

Time: Weekdays 12.30PM - 3.30PM

Price: AED135

Booking: 02 449 9839



If you've never been to Zuma and would like a sample of their renowned excellence, the business lunch menu is a great way to do that. For the comparatively low price point of AED135, you can enjoy a choice of 2 starters and a main (and because we couldn't resist it, we ordered dessert ... but that's a story for another day).

The starters were incredible: we absolutely loved the texturally magnificent salmon and similarly amazing beef tataki. We were surprised to see one of Zuma's signature dishes, the black cod, on the menu: it feels like a step up from other versions around town. There was also a steak option and a couple of vegetarian standards.

What should you drink? There's an incredible range of beer, sake and cocktails but, it being lunchtime, we highly recommend the mocktails, which come with a menu of their own.

Service is fairly unobtrusive and the chatter and action in the open kitchen gives Zuma a solid vibe, no matter what time of day you go. In short, the business lunch has some world-class quality food and we're here for it.

Time: Weekdays 12.30PM - 3.30PM

Price: AED135

Booking: 02 401 5900, https://zumarestaurant.com/book



This chic Peruvian restaurant often tops lists of where to go in Abu Dhabi, and their fabulous business lunch menu means you can try out some signature dishes before you go! With stunning artwork adorning the walls, colourful seating, and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the water, you can feel the Latin flava’ from Monday to Thursday, between 12PM - 4PM, and Friday 12PM - 2:30PM for AED130 per person. 

The menu includes a soup, a choice of two starters, a main, and a side dish. And if you are feeling particularly peckish, you can add a dessert for AED30. Here the dishes showcase the diversity of Peruvian cuiine, incorporating both its Latino heritage with the Japanese influence that elevates it to the sky!

Highlights include the sea bass croquettes, veal bacon maki rolls, slow-cooked beef ribs, and the house favourite, the Chilean sea bass rice iron pot. Wash it down with a fabulous mocktail, glass of wine, or COYA’s signature pisco sour, and, we promise you, you won’t want to head back to work!

Time: Monday - Thursday 12PM - 4PM, Friday 12PM - 2.30PM

Price: AED130

Booking: coyaabudhabi or call 02 306 7000



If you're a lover of outstanding Japanese food, this one's for you!

The Omakase business lunch at 99 Sushi is a sophisticated, yet affordable tasting menu of 10 Japanese dishes done to a high standard, respecting all Japanese cooking techniques but bringing a true flair to the menu that's more than a little exciting.

Hosomaki and an elevated edamame and capumiso soup herald the beginning of the meal, followed by flavoursome and creative sushi rolls and an incredible chicken gyoza with saffron glaze and spicy passionfruit candy. The smoked wagyu beef Japanese taco, vegano and akami nigiri is also excellent, but the showstopper is their flambéed scallop that's cooked to perfection and layered with a lovely yuzu mayonnaise.

To finish on a light note, dessert is a simple strawberry and traditional matcha mochi. Flawless!

Overall the menu is light, perfectly executed and the quality and freshness of ingredients and seafood is superb!

With coffee and tea included and terrace seating to admire beautiful waterfront views of Al Maryah island, this business lunch is an ideal midday culinary experience and a definite treat yourself moment. 

Time: 12PM - 2.15PM

Price: AED149 

Booking: 02 672 3333

Rachael Partington