One of Abu Dhabi's favourite Saturday brunches is back. With the sea views and the chic interior, it's an excellent brunch to take your visitors to: there's something for the kids and something for the grandparents too. It's a good time for anyone wanting to celebrate, wanting to get together or just wanting to have a good time.

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There are great seafood options: besides the barrels brimming over with fresh crab, lobster, prawns and mussels there are seafood salads, piquant and tasty. This is complemented by bowls of ceviche and a wide selection of sushi and sashimi.


One of the dishes of the day was found at the grill station outside. Open the smoker to a world of lamb, sausages and some really good, juicy brisket and get your seafood and taouk grilled for you while you wait.

But the best meat dish for me was found inside at the meat counter: the prime rib was served with roast vegetables and a dark, rich jus. The meat fell off the bone and was seasoned perfectly - a second helping was irresistable!


To appeal more to non-meat eaters, there were many tiers of beautifully cooked and seasoned vegetables: aubergine, potatoes, asparagus, all gorgeously laid out and looking appealing even to those who've sworn off veg for the day!


Another favourite was the wok experience. Choose your vegetables and add prawns, mussels and squid, as well as noodles and your favourite sauce. The chef took one look at me and suggested sweet and sour (nailed it!) which was perfect for Team No-spice. We watched as he put all this into the steaming wok and tossed it and turned it until, in what seemed like a matter of moments, it was cooked and plated to perfection. The smoky, sweet and sour elements really shone through and this might be the thing I go for first next time.


There was a great Indian food section and the Arabic food was outstanding. Highlights were the outstanding fatayer as well as a really good shawarma from the outdoor station.


Desserts are what tips the brunch from good to great. We loved the choux eclairs, oozing with strawberry cream, the Bounty bar ice-creams, the lemon meringue tarts and the cream-filled cones. Children will love the crepe station, the glossy chocolate fountain and the gelato - someone at our table may or may not have come back with his bowlful, topped with sprinkles and Oreos #notachild 


Drinks also didn't disappoint. As well as beers (Sole and Heineken) and wine, there's a solid range of both cocktails and mocktails on the menu including a very good blue island concoction. The champagne is Veuve Clicquot which makes this brunch a notch above others.


White caters well for children on every level. There's a pasta station where you can choose your pasta and your sauce and an extensive and tempting fresh bread and cheese selection. There's an indoor colouring area and outside they can do archery, football and there's a hoop. More activities will be added as the weather cools ... and of course, there's the beautiful beach to walk on.


This year, they've added a 2-piece band which played some good tunes and will really hit their straps once outdoor seating is in play.

As an added bonus, there are prizes up for grabs: spin the wheel to win ... and do push-ups if you lose. No push-ups for us this time - we won breakfast at White!

Time: 1-4PM


AED 350 inclusive of soft beverages

AED 475 inclusive of house beverages

AED 600 inclusive of premium bubbly

50% off for kids aged 6 - 11, under 6 free.

20% off with BB+ (Sign up here https://www.bestbitesuae.com/signup)

To book: 02 811 4342

Rachael Partington