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Weekend Breakfast at Tean | Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort

Available Fridays and Saturdays, 8am-1pm

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but then I have the dilemma of whether sleep > food. The Tean breakfast takes us lazy bones into consideration while still catching the early risers as the breakfast runs from 8am-1pm. The breakfast menu brings together both Levant and Western breakfast staples.

Arabic: Spread across three tiers, the Arabic breakfast was impressive. The falafels were the perfect ratio of crisp to soft filling and the mini flatbreads came with cheese, zaatar and laban & pomegranate topping. Other breakfast staples made an appearance too - the smoothest foul medames, tart and creamy labneh, hummus and Arabic scrambled eggs with tomatoes and sautéed vegetables, all to be scooped up with the freshly baked baby pita breads. If we'd known how big this platter would be we probably would've skipped the cheese saj bread but I'm glad we didn't. I'm a manakeesh monster and these were yum!

The others: I was most excited to see grilled halloumi as part of the menu. This must be to do with the recent addition of Greek elements to the menu. Drizzled in a delicious balsamic dressing, these were probably my favourite item and thankfully the slices were huge because sharing halloumi is just not on the cards for me. The tartine with avocado and poached egg was a nice option for a more breakfasty brunch dish. 

Sweet side: Though the acai bowl is healthy, it was sweet enough to pass as a nice treat. Cold and refreshing like ice cream with fruit and honey for sweetness. We ended the morning with pancakes soaked in maple syrup. 

It wouldn't be a review of Tean without a mention of its stunning views: looking out onto sparkling blue waters and golden beach, enjoyed from the comfort of this beautiful AC'd restaurant is the best way to enjoy this hot summer!

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