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Seafood Night | The Garden at Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi


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It's been a hot minute since I last dined at Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi but it's the first time at The Garden. It's been around forever and many long time residents remember it from way back when. Their seafood night was a catch for a good Thursday night deal.

The Grill: The Grill included a selection of different fish including crab, red snapper, sultan Ibrahim (native to the UAE) and grey mullet. I enjoyed picking the fish I wanted and the simplicity of it all - the flavours were subtle so the main focus was the fish itself. To make it easier, you could ask the chef to put together a platter so you could enjoy the Chef's best selection.

More mains: The seafood curry was the stand out dish for me. The curry leaf seasoning and gravy reminded me of home and my grandmas signature flavours, earning its place as my favourite dish of the night. Other dishes included a fish biryani, seafood Kare Kare and even some pasta options.

Extras: There was seafood chowder, dim sum, cold shrimp, mussels and fried finger fish. The seafood chowder, in particular, was a crowd-pleaser: chunky, creamy and perfect temperature. There is also a station with a range of individual desserts and I’m happy to report there was no seafood on display here, just a whole lot of sweetness.


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