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All You Can Eat Breakfast @ Kingston 21 | Al Raha

Come one, come all - there’s a new ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BREAKFAST in town! Rachael and I ventured down Kingston 21, Abu Dhabi’s newest Jamaican restaurant, and we have a lot to rave about! Throw in some stunning views of Yas Bay, a bright, contemporary interior and some really fantastic Jamaican dishes and you have the perfect morning.

How does it work: For 85 AED you can order from a large and interesting menu with options for everyone from kids to those who like to explore with their tastebuds. The portions are sized so that you can try all the offerings with bite-sized, almost tapas-style plates. You can dine indoors and enjoy the sweeping views out of the floor-to-ceiling windows or brave the terrace – though it wasn’t really too brave because the cooler fans made it doable outside … and it's so worth it!

Caribbean Specialties: We were seriously impressed with all the dishes we tried. Where do I even begin? The unexpected star of the show had to be the cornmeal porridge, we actually didn’t order it but the staff knew what we needed without us knowing what we needed haha - it was… MAGICAL. Don’t be put off by its rather ordinary appearance: this porridge was a culinary hug and brought instant satisfaction. We also ordered the sweet dumplings, doubles and the ackee with salt fish – this was probably our favourite dish and we ended up ordering one each, despite being very full by this time. The sweet dumplings paired so well with the tomato gravy from the shakshuka … who doesn’t love something to mop up a sauce?! We also really loved the egg and plantain toast sandwich, this is a really great combination with the juicy slices of fried plantain adding a really good touch to the egg. This is one of the dishes I’m remembering the next day and one I’d definitely order again.

Heat: If you love spice, you need to try the Scotch Bonnet. This Cajun spiced egg looked innocent enough (and to be fair, there was a sprinkling of chilli flakes on the top as a kind of warning!) but nothing prepared us for the oooh-ga-ooooooh-ga moment when that spice hit! Wowzers this packed a punch … and we’re issuing a challenge to you spice fiends: give it a go and see how you manage … if you think you’re hard!

I like that there is something for everyone, which makes this an ideal place for a family outing. Included in the all-you-can-eat menu are classics like French toast, pancakes, shakshuka and different toast options (the beetroot hummus toast was bit kicky but really good!). Also included is a cup of coffee and I settled for my usual iced Americano. Rachael, the more adventurous one out of us this day ordered the Bob Marley mocktail and a smoothie. We also got to try the traditional Jamaican juices: sorrel and lemonade and of course the ginger beer – both so good and refreshing!

Come for the food, stay for the vibes! We sat out on the terrace, enjoying the sounds of soca and reggae and drank in the view – check the bronze statue in the sea! Parking is available in the basement of the building or on the street in the weekends. To get into the basement, you’ll just need to give them a quick call to let you through the barriers.

The all-you-can-eat offer is available all summer long, and trust me, sitting out there on the terrace transported me into very welcome vacation bliss … and who of us doesn’t need that right about now?!

Call 02 546 8500 to get into the car park and to book!


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