Four courses, all revolving around cheese!

AED 159 for unlimited pizza & pasta and a red or white wine.

I love this cheesy play on words but that’s not the only cheesy thing about Wednesday nights at Sacci. The chef explained to us that the four courses were designed around cheese: fondue to start, pasta and pizza for mains, and a Chefs Special dessert, all featuring different cheeses.

Fondue & Bites: it’s been a hot minute since I last had fondue so I was most excited about this: a melting pot of many delicious cheeses - gorgonzola, parmesan, cheddar as well as mixed Italian & Swiss cheeses with a touch of Dijon mustard for added flavor. A selection of breads were served to dip in the cheese but to be honest we just dipped in everything that was on the sharing platter

cheese dipped in cheese, try and stop me

The platter came with a trio of bruschetta, arancini with a yum mozzarella center, cold cut meats, more cheese and crudités.

Pasta: From a choice of 4 signature pastas, we first tried the tagliatelle bolognese and the penne arrabbiata. After days of protein only, the bolognese was exactly what I was craving: hearty and comforting. My mum then ordered the pesto pasta and I was like “mummm! That’s cheeky - only one!” But she was right - it was unlimited! We definitely didn’t need the extra pasta, especially with pizza coming as well ... but there we go!

Pizza: Margarita, vegetarian, four cheeses and diavola were the pizza options available. We tried the diavola: thin crust pizza, spicy salami and fresh mozzarella with a drizzle of oil. Simple and fresh.

Dessert: the Chef’s Special last week was a tiramisu. The cheese element? Mascarpone, of course! Both my mum and I aren’t usually massive on tiramisu but this surprised us, you could hear our spoons scraping the last few bits - it's the chocolate factor that makes the difference so don't forget to dig! The dessert was also the perfect size - after a big meal, it was just few spoonfuls to finish off sweet.

The deal is just incredible value. AED 159. Food & drink. That’s all! A midweek option that won’t break the bank but you can eat (and drink) your heart out!

The Westin, Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa

Call for bookings on 02 616 9999

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Natalie Christodoulides