Vienna Plaza | Radisson Blu Abu Dhabi

Vienna Plaza | Radisson Blu Abu Dhabi

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Cuisine: Desserts, Cake, Coffee, Drinks

Radisson Blu - Corniche Road - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Open: Closes at 12:00 AM



119.00 AED

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Enjoy a specialty coffee or a tasty pastry from this airy Austrian-style coffee house on the lobby floor. The comfortable and informal surroundings of this Abu Dhabi restaurant are ideal for socialising, for picking up a refreshment, high tea with friends, or a quick snack when you're on the move.

Social Events

Daily Deals

50% discount on selected sandwiches

Daily Deals

Coffee Hour: Coffee and tea at AED15

Daily Deals

C&C: Select a pastry of your choice with your favourite cup of coffee to make it a combo saver AED30