Dip N Dip | Dalma Mall

Dip N Dip | Dalma Mall

Dip N Dip | Dalma Mall


Cuisine: Desserts, Cake, Bakery

66 Al Wazn St - Abu Dhabi Industrial CityICAD I - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Open: Closes at 10:00 PM



119.00 AED

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DipnDip was created by two friends who has one goal, to make people smile. Firas Daker and Amer Haffar shared a vision to make chocolate desserts that were so unique and fun that people’s faces lit up with excitement. They wanted everyone to fall in love with chocolate as much as them, so they took the overwhelming success of their small kiosk and started spreading smiles on an international level. 7 years on, dipndip has transformed into a global franchise and continues to accelerate its growth trajectory.