This fabulous set menu is the best reason to sign up for BB+ this season.

Asia Asia has it all: unbelievably good food, an incredible location right on the promenade at Yas Bay and staff who are on point and genuine.

This winter, you get to enjoy all that Asia Asia has to offer at an amazing price, with the BB+ Asia Asia Menu.

What's included?

  • 4 courses of superb Asian fusion food
  • 3 excellent drinks

To call it a four-course menu is actually almost a disservice, since it's actually so much more. Yes, it's served in 4 courses, but it includes 12 dishes in total plus 3 drinks; value for money is off the charts here!

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The menu started with the bang with the crispy sweet potato. The scent of truffle hits your nose before the dish hits the table - it's a salty/sweet food fantasy in a bowl. The impossibly tender sweet potatoes are dressed with truffle honey, crispy shallots, truffle labneh, and kabayaki sauce. It tasted just as amazing as it sounds: this dish is a 10/10, and we think you'll return just for this.

The salmon carpaccio was thinly sliced and delicately layered on the plate, accented by citrusy soy and little caviar pearls. The spicy tuna maki had the raw tuna arranged on top of the maki roll allowing the taste of the tuna to be the star.


The dim sum basket comes with a trio of dumplings: mushroom, chicken, and prawn. The prawn dim sum is juicy with a delicate prawn flavour - not too fishy for those who like a milder taste. Watch for the spice on the chicken sim sum, as it's dressed with a chili sauce that will light up your taste buds!

The wakame salad is tossed in tosazu with fresh ingredients including crunchy cabbage. The Indonesian chicken satay might just be your one of your favourite bites in the menu. The chicken was charred, juicy, and smothered in the most glorious peanut sauce. The skewers were sprinkled with crushed peanuts which gave great texture to the dish.


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The tenderloin completely lives up to its name - it's so tender, so delicious. It's served in a caramelized teriyaki sauce with cauliflower puree, making for a dish that you'll dream about for a while!

The soy-marinated salmon is a beautiful piece of fish served on a bed of zucchini with the same caramelized sauce as the steak.

The teriyaki chicken is tossed in a glossy sauce and finished with peppers, pickled fennel, and sesame seeds. This dish is simple but utterly craveable, and you'll find yourself reaching for more.

There's also a side of baby bok choy and egg-fried rice, in case you have any more room!


Fondant perfection.

Not only is there a wow factor with the (spoiler alert!) bright green matcha core, but the taste is also wowwww. The matcha is subtle with chocolate being the dominant flavour, so if you don't care for matcha, you'll still love this dessert. The coconut ice cream had a natural coconut flavour and was a cold contrast against the warm fudgey chocolate cake.


This menu includes 3 drinks which makes this deal even more of a steal!

You can choose from selected spirits, wine, beer, and cocktails.

The rosé wine is a lovely pairing for the starters. The haruka cocktail is made with sake, lychee, lemon juice, and rose syrup which is a creative cocktail combination and is a great option to have with the dessert.

The BB+ Asia Asia Menu gives you another great reason to sign up for BB+ this season. Get on it!

Time: Available daily from 6pm | AED250 per person

Price: AED250 per person

Reservations: 02 235 8663

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Rebecca Rouen